Last of the Westland Whigs

In the late 17th century, the 'Westland Whigs' were the radical descendants of earlier Covenanters who had defied the absolutist rule of Stuart kings in south west Scotland.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Galloway Picts project-important find

Piece of African Red Slipware -made in 6th century in north Africa, found at Trusty's Hill
Need to do a bit of research on African red Slipware- then will update this post.


Anonymous Colin Wallace said...

Not African Red Slip Ware, but rather earlier, Central Gaulish samian ware (rim from a form 37 decorated bowl). Still a significant find (and less difficult to explain than ARSW in combination with E Ware.
I know 'ARSW' was what they were saying on site (and on TV), but it is very obviously not (shape, fabric, surface treatment). See my piece in Chris Lowe's 2009 Whithorn burials report ('Clothing for the Soul Divine') for some more background.

3:56 AM  

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